Meet The Artist: Rikke Axelson

We are so privileged to have the opportunity to represent so many amazing artists; each so distinct and unique in their own right.  When it comes to compelling and contemporary graphic design, Danish artist Rikke Axelson leads the way. Born and raised in a small fishing community in northern Denmark, Rikke began her life in art at a very young age.  You know you have a creative child when their favourite toy is a pencil! Rikke began her journey to design by attending the College of Craft and Design in Nørresundby in Denmark, where she trained as a graphic designer.  After a successful career in the advertising world she built her own independent design studio, Axzept.

Art_2 Art

Inspired by her travels throughout world and her experiences of new landscapes, people and cultures, Rikke’s passion lies in the art of visual communication.  Driven by her curiosity, she has successfully combined edgy graphic design with her own creative expression of art.

Rikke freehand paints with an array of oil, watercolor, gouache, ink and acrylic.  Her graphic expressions are created digitally after which they are printed on canvas, framed and finished with one of the aforementioned techniques.

Be sure to check out her three new designs that are in stores now!

Items shown above: Success, Adventure, and Censorship – all $149 from Urban Barn

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