Behind The Scenes

Meet the Artist: Desirée Patterson


We are very excited to share some brand new pieces of artwork by Canadian artist Desirée Patterson.

Desirée’s passion for exploring the world and capturing still images began early in her childhood years. After graduating she spent the next six years traveling, working and photographing the amazing cultural and geographic diversities of more than thirty countries.

In 2007 Desirée settled in Whistler, BC, where she began her career as a professional photographer. After freelancing for various corporations, magazines, tourism organizations and stock agencies, Desirée relocated to Vancouver in 2011 where she quickly defined her name as an emerging artist in the local arts scene.

These three pieces just arrived in stores! If you are looking to revive your walls be sure to visit a store this weekend as all of our wall art  is 25% off.

DP Taxis 60x40


DP Mountain Horizon 80x20

Mountain Horizon

DP Watercolor 60x40




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