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Make Every Day Valentine's Day

Here it is again, the day of love, February 14th.  Originally when I suggested I do this blog, I immediately thought of putting up a typical list of quick gift ideas, because isn’t that what everyone needs for V-Day?  You have to run out to the store….look for the perfect gift….chocolates or flowers?  What did I do last year??  Arggg….the pressure is agonizing!

After doing a bit of research, I reneged.   I came across a description online referring to the “type” of holiday that defines Valentine’s Day….it was described as “Cultural, Christian and Commercial”.  I’ve grown up only celebrating the latter which probably explains why I’m not a big fan.  I’m all for romance but honestly think this should be an ongoing sentiment, displayed throughout the year – not jam packed into one day.

Here's a picture my husband sent me while I was on a buying trip in China to prove that he does feed our children while I'm away - now that's love!

I think we should take this holiday back from Hallmark and make everyday Valentines Day.  Imagine all the healthy loving relationships that would result simply from acknowledging our loved ones on a daily basis.  It’s not difficult really.  I’m not suggesting buying a gift every day; rather I think all can be said with some key words and thoughtful actions.  Soooo, below are my recommended gifts of the heart, and a little of the pocketbook, which would be extremely well received any day of the year!

  1. Flowers or candy – yes, I know this is taboo but there’s nothing more loving then getting one or both of these for no special reason whatsoever.  Just a little “I was thinking of you” gift.
  2. Feed me – I LOVE coming home to dinner on the table but if you put out a little more effort and whipped me up a bit of dessert or bought a little treat for after, I’m putty in your hands!
  3. Clean up – you’re probably thinking this is getting ridiculous but come on; wouldn’t you be even a little ecstatic to come home to a spotless house after a long day of work?  My husband can dress up a bit, but nothing is sexier than a man with a broom in his hand!  Even if you don’t live with your partner, sneaking over to set up something special at their place would be a wicked surprise!
  4. Take me out – I mean out, not “take out” at home or drive thru….we have to leave the house and/or the city if need be.   Change is good!  Add some entertainment to that, either a show or concert, and the evening is complete.
  5. Plan a romantic getaway – I love this any time of the year, whether it’s a whole weekend away or a night downtown.  Just the idea of escaping the everyday grind for a night or two is an opportunity to relax and revitalize.  Who doesn’t need that?

When you are truly in love, there is a reason to say it, to show it, every day of the year!

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