Love Your Home

Life is stressful, but the time that you spend at home doesn’t have to be. You can own a comfortable sofa, buy the finest of linens or even install the kitchen of your dreams. This may all help to make your home more comfortable but here are my tips for making your home feel like a day at the spa.

1. Turn down the lights!

I recently installed a dimmer switch in my master bedroom and it changed my life! Well, at least my mornings. I’m not a morning person and installing a dimmer switch now allows me to wake up at my own pace – slowly! Installing a dimmer switch is more basic than you’d think!

 2. Stop and smell the lilies

Nothing says “I love you” more than flowers – and it’s important to love yourself. Every week I try to buy myself fresh flowers (I can’t always rely on someone else buying them for me!) It’s a special treat to come home to and a guaranteed way to brighten my day. Flowers also satisfy my desire for change and add the pop of newness I crave without the commitment of new bedding or a new piece of art!

 3. Set the mood

At the end of a long day it’s important for me to find some way to relax and unwind. Sometimes watching reality tv helps but what’s always guaranteed  is taking a bubble bath with candlelight. Watching the flickering flame of a candle is as relaxing to me as being pampered at the spa. When there’s no light but candlelight, the world seems to instantly slow down. I like that!

Challenge yourself to make your home feel like a day at the spa.

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