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Living Big In A Small Space

The condo craze is alive in well across Canada, and the shrinking square footage has been felt throughout the country. Quite simply, we are living in smaller spaces. Ten years ago the average condo was roughly 1000 square feet or larger. Now that has shrunk to 800 square feet and many are struggling to fit their lives in smaller spaces. However, there is no need to fret. Living big in a small space is possible with just a few tips and tricks:

De-Clutter: Clutter is what kills space. Whether its small appliances on the kitchen counter, an excess of DVD’s and magazines or closets stuffed to the point of bursting, de-cluttering your smaller space will have the biggest impact upon your small space. Get rid of all your excess junk. We all inevitably collect things we never use or need, and there is no need in holding onto it! Digitizing your media will also save a bunch of space on your shelves, leaving more room for necessary storage. Closet organizers and seasonal boxes will also help.

Shown: Brosna Bookcase - from Urban Barn

Utilize height: People often forget to use the vertical space in a room. In a small space, tall pieces of furniture not only draw the eye upwards, giving a sense of increased height and area, but serve in creating added storage without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Shown: The Barcelona custom apartment sized sofa is available in hundreds of fabrics - from Urban Barn

The Right Sized Furniture: While a 14-foot sectional sofa looks beautiful in store, and will create enough seating so that chairs are not needed, such a piece would dominate a small space. Create balance in your small space with appropriately sized furniture, such as apartment sized sofas, and armless chairs.

How do you make the best of a small space?

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