Keeping An Eye On Your Walls

As I have slowly been decorating my new place, something had felt amiss in a few rooms. It was as if the room had not been pulled together and unified in its colour palette and design. It then suddenly struck me that I needed art!

We often take it for granted, as it becomes an afterthought to just fill up wall space. However, the right piece of art can not only enhance the look of your room, but it also acts as the basis of colour and design feel in your room. In fact, I often find it fun to start the decoration of a room with art. To help create a cohesive feeling within a room, you can choose from the various colours within a piece of art to choose your larger furniture pieces and even paint colour. And don’t worry too much about matching! In fact, when the two colours  within the same colour family but different hue are used in a space, it often works best. From there, adding the little accessories within your room is very simple. Take the accent colours from within your piece of art and re-use them in your accessories, once again taking into account that the colours just need to be in the same hue. Also make sure that when you are buying a piece of art that the piece reflects the feel and design of your room.

Fiery Nightfall

If your room is warm, cozy, colourful and inviting, make sure to find a piece of art that mimics the feel of your room. Warm and bright colours such as red and orange help to accomplish this warm and cozy feel.

Winters Hold - 40" x 40"

Or, if you have a cool and modern room, make sure to choose a painting that is very linear and structured. Cool blues and grey hues also compliment such a room.

Impactful and beautiful, the right art will create design cohesion within your room, helping to make you feel right at home. And, it just so happens we are having a promotion on all our wall art right now!

Happy Decorating!

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