Behind The Scenes

Introducing: Outside the Box Artist Olga Voronovska

Meet Olga, a Toronto-based visual artist. Hailing from Ukraine, she has been studying and practicing visual art since childhood. Olga’s dedication to her craft earned her early success in regional competitions in Ukraine, and more recently at Art Battle in Hamilton where she snagged first place. This artist-chemist completed courses at the Toronto School of Art and worked at the University of Toronto in Physical-Chemistry Research while freelancing in art for several years.

Spotted Olga Image

If you’re in Toronto, be sure to check out Olga’s beautiful traffic signal box at the intersection of Islington Ave. and Summitcrest Dr. Her nature-inspired bird design breathes some fresh air into the city scenery. She hopes it becomes a landmark for the local community.

You can find her art in exhibitions, competitions, and on her Facebook page:

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