Behind The Scenes

Introducing: Outside the Box Artist Jeff Blackburn

If you have been to downtown Toronto, chances are you have stumbled upon some of Jeff Blackburn’s artwork. His iconic raccoons and bears are stunning fixtures that give the city streets life.

Spotted Jeff Blackburn Image (1)

Jeff grew up inspired and surrounded by Toronto graffiti. It was due to these walls that he first saw the possibility of creating comprehensive, stylized universes through painting. The streets were alive with animated characters and landscapes, and he soon became fixated on developing a vibrant and detailed world of his own. He is now a painter and illustrator, whose work has a distinct and graphic quality, with a strong emphasis on line and texture. Be sure to check out his traffic signal box at the intersection of Parliament St. and Legion Gerrard St. E. His raccoon not only looks fantastic during they day, but also glows in the dark at night!

For more on Jeff Blackburn and his latest artistic endeavours, visit and @blackburnjeff on Instagram.

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