Outside the Box - Toronto

Introducing Outside the Box artist: Yi Zhang


Yi Zhang is a Toronto based artist, currently studying architecture at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture. Winner of the Shelley Peterson Art Exhibition award, and co-founder of a non-profit student group Toronto Electric Skateboard, Yi strives to push above and beyond architecture and art. Engaged in architectural design, sculpture and installations, he works with diverse mediums and materials. Combining divergent aesthetics and architectural backgrounds, his work invites strangers to share in experiential moments, prompting collaborative viewership.


If you are in downtown Toronto this summer, be sure to swing by the intersection of Queen St. E. and Glen Manor Dr., and check out Yi’s traffic signal box with a swirling joy of color. His work will also be showcased at Urban Barn’s Queen St W store this month.

For more info on Yi, follow him on Instagram @yi_o_


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