Inspired By Travel

Beyond my love of design and everything home, I have daydreamed of many careers in my lifetime. Oh, to be an Oscar-winning actress or an Olympic Luge champion! Or maybe a painter living in the French countryside. Trés Romantique!

Among these exciting endeavors, travel photography is one that has stuck with me throughout the years, mainly because I have an intense passion for photography and a love for travel that could take three lifetimes to fulfill. In recent years I have truly begun to appreciate how much travel and photography influence my style of decorating and just how much these separate passions go hand in hand.

This January I once again had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and again was inspired by the food, colours, sights and sounds. I love to wander the streets of this little town taking photographs and looking for treasures to add to my collection. My home is a reflection of the places I’ve been and the experiences I’ve had, so I try to collect things that move me; things that if I hadn’t brought them back, I would be regretting it. I admit that if this behaviour continues, space may become an issue so my advice to those of you in my shoes would be to only bring back what you truly love and can fit in your home!

Here are a few things that struck me on my journey through this beautiful city.

I adore this little stool that I found at an outdoor market which happens to be totally on trend with the Navajo inspiration that’s hot right now.

Could the colours get any more stunning? Like painting a blank canvas, I love using pops of color throughout an otherwise monochromatic space and this is a great place for inspiration!

Awesome hand-made pieces are generally less expensive abroad and add a wonderful worldly appeal to any space.

I’m inspired by the people in any place I travel to. Their attitudes, their style and way of life. I stopped these two fellas on their way back from the beach and obviously I couldn’t bring them back, so I took a photo. How in the world do these guys play in this heat all day? Yikes.

If space is an issue for you but you’re desperate to bring back a piece of paradise, try looking for things that are functional. These lovely hand-made bowls are both beautiful and practical for everyday use.

Do your travel experiences influence your design tastes?

  1. I know exactly what you mean by travel influencing your home decor. You see something you like and all of a sudden you’re tossing out your socks to fit one in your suitcase! My bathroom is looking like an Asian spa and my bedroom (I mean boudoir) is looking like a European country house. Where will it end?! 😉

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