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How To Make A Gallery Wall


 Step 1: Pick Your Art!

  • Whether it’s old photographs, paintings or kids drawings, what you choose should be a reflection of YOU so pick things that you love
  • Don’t limit yourself! Remember that you can frame just about anything from records to memorable concert tickets, book illustrations and maps
  • Don’t be afraid to throw some other collectibles into the mix such as antlers, faux animal heads or mirrors

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Step 2: Frame Your Art

  • If you’re trying to achieve the fun, eclectic look that’s so popular right now, use frames of varying shapes, sizes and colours
  • If a clean and simple look is what you’re after, use frames of the same style and/or colour
  • You don’t need to break the bank to achieve your perfect collage! Feel free to mix new frames with thrift store finds or paint the ones you already have
  • Matting can make even the blandest print look like an expensive piece of art so invest here if you can

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Step 3: Plan Ahead

  • Once your art is all framed, it’s time to get a layout together. Place all your art on the floor and play around with the configurations until you figure out what suits you best
  • Try starting with the larger pieces to create the base of your layout and work your way out from there using smaller art to fill the gaps
  • Anything goes so don’t limit yourself with rules and advice you may have heard. If you love it then leave it
  • If you’re working with a large space, give yourself the option of adding more pieces in the future, that way your small gallery can transform into a grand statement

photo 3_small

 Step 4: Love Your Layout? Time To Hang

  • Once you have chosen your perfect configuration, cut out a template of each frame using craft paper or newspaper
  • Clearly mark on the paper where you hanging hardware should go, tape your templates to the wall and you’re ready to hang
  • Be mindful of how heavy your pieces are, some may hang just fine on nails while others may require screws to be hung safely

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