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How To Get Cozy Style For Fall

Couldn’t attend our latest in-store workshop on How To Get Cozy Style For Fall? Here are some tips on how to make your space warm and cozy during these colder months.


Layer your lighting

Fall is a darker season! Layer your light to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Start with an overhead light and add decorative table lamps to light up dark corners. The finishing touch is to light some candles to bring a little sparkle to the table and create some ambiance!


Measure for no rug-rets

Measure your seating area to make sure you have the right sized rug. Have a favourite rug that is a bit too small? Try layering it with a large simple rug (for example, our Better than Sisal). Our best advice? Measure the area you’re planning on putting the rug in, and order the closest size up from that.


Add style with accent pillows

Our biggest style tip when it comes to accent pillows is that you really don’t need more than 1 of each type of pillow. Variety is key to bringing style and effortless taste to your living space.


Winterize with faux fur 

Faux fur is especially good at making a cool, modern space feel more cozy. Faux fur also pairs well with almost everything from velvety fabrics to heavy wool, not to mention that it’s extremely cozy.


A room with a view

Drapes may seem a bit drab, but they really do add an element of luxury and function to your living space. Layer your drapes using a double curtain rod to hang sheer drapes behind and solid drapes in front. You can take your space from day to night at any time.


Layer up

Whether it’s layering duvets, quilts or throws, adding texture through mixed bedding is one of the easiest ways to update your bedroom. Need some inspiration in this department? Ask a sales associate for examples right there in the store!


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