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HOT or NOT? 90’s Trends in Home Décor

It’s fun to look back to even just the previous season and reflect on what was trendy or fashionable. Now jump back 20 years and you’ll really be scratching your head! Just as most of us have almost forgotten about them, trends have a way of showing up again.

Here are a few 90’s home décor trends that truly marked the decade… some of which are making their way back into home décor today!

Is it HOT or NOT?


bubble - 90s

Inflatable Furniture

NOT. At the time, it made a lot of sense. Easy to clean and it could be used indoors or out. Plastic lasts forever, right? This trend didn’t.

pastel - 90s



HOT! Dusty rose and powder blue. This year’s Pantone colours of the year have been re-introduced with fancy new names – “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity.” We saw these colours first come back on the runway a few seasons ago and now they’re making their debut in the pages of home décor magazines everywhere.


sponge - 90s


Sponge Painting

NOT. There are a few DIY-ers who made their Canadian debut on cable TV in the 90’s who are to thank for bringing this trend to Canadian households. For many of us, sponge painted walls replaced floral wallpaper – A step up and thankfully easier to make go away once the trend died (you didn’t have to peel this look off your walls!)


rug bath - 90s


Carpeted Bathrooms

NOT. In the early 90’s, like hardwood is today, carpet was the cat’s meow. The trend was taken a bit too far when carpeting your bathroom became the thing to do.


Coors - 90s


Beer Signs

NOT. Before the Man Cave was a thing, us men needed a way to assert our manliness in our homes. Sometimes back lit or mirrored, these signs belonged in a bar and not our homes. Now I think we all agree that the designated Man Cave makes life a lot easier for everyone.




Hunter Green

HOT! Often used in the 90’s along with shades of maroon, hunter green is making a quiet comeback. This time around, the colour is best paired with a sophisticated palette of neutrals and metallics and in smaller punches than before.





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