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Home How-To's: 'Tis The Season To Be Wrapping

It’s a little uncanny, but I find that at least a couple times a year, someone will reference what has to be the best gift-wrapping scene ever filmed – Rowan Atkinson’s turn in Love Actually. Something about the way that he throws dried flowers and cinnamon sticks into what he assures Alan Rickman is “so much more than a bag” is just killing (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, do yourself a favour and go watch it on youtube).


For those of us without dried flowers and holly sprigs at our disposal, however, fear not! Here are some other ways to jazz up your holiday gifts that will definitely make them stand out under the tree.


 For the Sweet Tooth

I got this idea when browsing around on ways to decorate mason jars for the holidays – if your gift is small enough, you could put your gift in the jar and surround it with wrapped candies to hide it. With so many ways to decorate jars (homemade labels, chalkboard paint, tags…) the possibilities are endless – and I guarantee that it’ll be one that your friends and family will be looking forward to “unwrap” come Christmas morning! (Photo from Design Dazzle)



Washi tape, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically the gorgeous cousin to our run-of-the-mill masking tape. Originally from Japan, it’s been popping up in craft shops, pinterest, and etsy for the last few years. My favourite technique is both lazy and striking – after wrapping the gift in a simple craft paper (or even leaving it in the plain box that it came in!) stick on your tape and wrap it around the gift, changing angles a few times. That’s it. Want to go crazy? Try mixing a few different colours or patterns, and see how creative you can get! (Photo from The Post Social)


Worth a thousand words…

Want to find a way to make the outside of the gift as personal as what’s within? How about making your own gift wrap using instagram or facebook photos? If you don’t want to go through the hassle of arranging all the photos yourself in photoshop, even getting a single photo printed and arranging it on top of craft paper can be beautiful. (Photo from Poppytalk)

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