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Home How-To's: Decorate A Kid's Room That Grows With Them

Although it’s tempting to go nuts with designing a fun and outrageous children’s bedroom for your kid, most times their phases change faster than you can keep up. Having been a passionate and creative youngster, I can totally relate to this. I was a constant headache to my parents, convincing them one minute that I absolutely needed to have my room bright purple everything, to then have me realize a month later that it just wasn’t my favorite colour anymore. Thinking back on this, I’ve noticed a few tips that would have made all of our lives easier in the process.


When selecting the staple pieces of furniture for the bedroom, make sure you decide on something timeless for the bed frame, dresser and nightstands. Something done in a neutral finish that can put up with the roller coaster of colour palettes to come is usually the perfect starting point. Our Chalet bedroom collection for example, is simple, stylish and sturdy all at the same time. The beautiful driftwood finish of the reclaimed pine and its classic clean lines are muted enough and the quality of this design is indestructible.

Keeping the paint colours somewhat neutral and calming will go a long way. Lighter shades of blue and grey have been proven to slow down heart rate and help you relax easier. Also, a color like taupe or beige is also a pretty perfect blank slate and gives you the most flexibility to add any other palette that your heart desires.

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The most exciting, yet less expensive part of creating the space is next. Fun lighting, bed linens, pillows, and accessories help to achieve the age appropriate scheme while not feeling like such a commitment if they don’t stay in the room forever. These can be easily swapped out or added to as the children grow and doesn’t involve you hauling away that race car bed that you were assured was totally necessary at the time. Have fun with it and most of all, let them have input along the way so that the room will really be the perfect little oasis they dreamed of.

All product shown from Urban Barn

  1. YES! My oldest son has a very similar bedroom set and I agree with what you say about the colour scheme… You can change things up with bedding and accessories so the room can grow with the kids!

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