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Home How-To's: Deck The Table!


I think it’s safe to assume that most people are pretty much decked out for the holidays by now, trees are up and the lights are on, a few gifts wrapped…maybe? Are you fully booked with holiday soirees or are you the “hostess with the mostest” this year? If so, I have a great way to personalize your party… Ornaments aren’t just for trees anymore. I’d like to suggest adding a whimsical touch to your table by using an ornament as a name or place card holder at the table. You can personalize each one by using a unique ornament for each guest or coordinate your table. The best part is the ornament doubles as a take-away gift for your guest!

In most cases I simply used a stiff card stock paper for the names, and used ornaments where I could just tuck the paper in. With the Skull Ornament (pictured above) I cut a small slit into the ornament and slid the paper in.




All ornaments shown from Urban Barn – and are currently Buy One Get One Free! 

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