Blanket The Country

Help Us Blanket The Country in Warmth

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Since starting Blanket the Country in Warmth in 2012, with you’re help, we’ve donated over 58,000 blankets to Canadians in need.

This is our sixth year and we’re raising the bar again with the goal of 15,000 donations for 2017 to make 73,000 to date.


We need your help to make this happen, so please head to share a warm wish and donate $5 toward a blanket to someone in your community.


Some of your wishes will be printed on a card, which will be given with the blanket and can really make a huge difference.


blanket the country, #blanketthecountry, urban barn


Join us throughout the Blanket The Country campaign, keep checking back to see our progress thermometer and keep sharing your warm thoughts on and via Twitter with #BlanketTheCountry between October 5th-29th.



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