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Guest Blogger – Janette Ewen's Go-To Dining Hacks


We’ve had the pleasure of working with lifestyle and decor expert, Janette Ewen on several different occasions and she has shared with us some of her expert dining hacks. Take a look at some of her pointers to host a fabulous dining party:

Everyone around me knows how much I LOVE entertaining and throwing parties, whether for a few friends or a big fabulous fête for all! People often ask me, “Janette, how do you do it?” Well, the secret is in the pre-planning for both the expected and the unexpected situations and in remembering that, as the host, you’re allowed to have fun, too!

No matter the situation, the pressure to produce a great meal and a great looking dinner table can be overwhelming. Trust me – I’ve been there. Embracing a couple of my favourite go-to dining hacks can make you look like a rock star, no matter the situation:

1. Add a touch of pretty: Keep everlasting blooms on hand for pretty blossoms year-round!  Dig through the recycle bin, rinse out old bottles and combine the two together to create fun pops of colour!

2. Unexpected dinner guests? Bold, fun wallpaper makes unique and affordable table runners! Other cool ideas include using decorative moss, a plank of rustic wood or burlap.

3. Not enough seats at your table?  Don’t be afraid to create an eclectic look by pulling chairs or benches in from other rooms to seat your guests.

4. Have dinner guests that won’t put down the cell? Ask everyone to put their cell phones in a decorative bowl at the beginning of the night. The first person to take theirs out pays for the next dinner out!

5. Don’t have a dining table? Sometimes living in a small space can mean you don’t have room for a dining table. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have friends over for dinner! Try dining Moroccan style – dress your coffee table for dining and place poufs and throws around the table for seating.

What are some of your favourite dining hacks that you can’t live without? Share with us on Instagram through October with the hashtag, #UBdish, for your chance to win.

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