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Great Gifts For Him

While diamonds are a girls best friend, men tend to get socks for Christmas. And let me tell you from personal experience, there isn’t much that is more disappointing on Christmas day then opening up a 6-pack of tube socks. Or even worse, underwear. On behalf of all men, I think we can take care of procuring our own undergarments, thank you very much.

Now that we have cleared up that little issue, you may be wondering what to buy the man (or men) in your life. Well, in that case, Urban Barn has a few gift ideas that will really make him say ‘THANKS!” – and mean it too.

For the photographer in your life, I suggest Urban Barn’s line of fantastic and stylish photo frames.  Whether the Noble Wood frame, the Kingsbury frame, the Gallery frame or Clark frame, there is a style for all men. DISCLAIMER! Urban Barn does not develop photos- sorry!

For the music-phile, there is the Strings wall art, Johnny Cash poster or the Record frame where he can immortalize that favorite Pink Floyd vinyl he plays, loudly, every Saturday morning.

For the sports lover, what would be better than a stylish and uber-comfortable recliner? The Benson or Belvedere recliners provide the perfect setting for your sports fan. Chips, beer and winning team not included.

Any businessperson can tell you the secret to daily success is a good nights sleep. Let your businessman sleep in style with the Wall Street duvet set.  Toss in a Silver Fox Faux Fur pillow and throw, and he will be cozy as well as stylish! And to help out with his savings portfolio, the Silver or Gold Bar money bank makes the perfect little gift to show off to friends and colleagues, as well as s tool to save up for his inevitable middle-age man-toy. Did someone mention motorcycle?

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