Full of Foliage

It’s the time of year when we all want to open the doors and windows and bring the outdoors inside. A great way to achieve the feeling of nature in your home is to fill it with foliage. And great news for those of you who don’t have a green thumb (like myself): there is some amazing faux foliage out there! Here are a few options for infusing colour and brightness into your space using some not-so-real flowers:

pinkSweet Springtime: For a pretty, more feminine look, combine different shades of pinks and soft greens. Adding different textures creates more visual interest – incorporate soft hydrangeas with the branches of cherry blossoms for an interesting effect.

Faux Foliage used in this bouquet: Hydrangea Green, Spray Orchid (Pink/ Purple), Hydrangea Pink, Spray Blossom (Red) – All from Urban Barn


Classic and Clean: White flowers are wonderful because not only do they look great with any decor, but they scream fresh! You can also have lots of fun combining a variety of foliage – different shades of whites and greens go beautifully together, and you can throw in some splashes of colour to add more impact.

Faux Foliage used in this bouquet: Bush Bell Flower, Stem Leucospe Mum (White), Hydrangea White, Orchid Single Stem – All from Urban Barn


Get Wild: For something bright and colourful, choose contrasting colours and go bold! Use saturated colours and lots of full greenery to achieve a fun bouquet like the one above. Something like this makes a real statement in your space.

Faux Foliage used in this bouquet: Antiquata Flower (Purple), Phalaenopsed (Yellow), Spray Cosmos (Orange), Pineneedle Branch (Green) – All from Urban Barn

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