FSC Certified Furniture – Going Green Never Looked So Good

It has become a near universal fact that global warming is occurring, and it is had a profound and adverse affect upon our beautiful, blue little planet. There are, however, many governments and organizations working to help fix our delicate environment through policy and innovation.

Beginning with its inception in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has acted as a global safeguard for forests, protecting them from deforestation and the destruction of these micro-ecosystems. The FSC accomplishes this monumental task through its internationally recognized standard, which shows customers that their products were made using socially and environmentally responsible forestry methods. While not all countries and manufacturers have chosen to accept the FSC standard, this non-governmental organization has become a growing international movement. This global environmental movement has also swept up both Canada and Urban Barn.

The FSC label is only affixed to pieces that have met its 10 Principles of responsible forest material use. The labels, FSC 100%, FSC Mixed Sources and FSC Recycled show customers, quite transparently, that the product they are looking at has been made to the utmost level of respect and care for the worlds forests. We at Urban Barn are proud to carry products that are FSC Certified. If you are passionate about maintaining our beautiful forests (as I am) you may be interested in collections like the Dalton, Windowbox, Settler and Post And Rail.

Dalton Coffee Table, Windowbox Side Table, Settler Entertainment Unit and Post and Rail End Table


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