For The Birds

Summer is almost here and it’s great to see everyone enjoying the warmer weather.   More noticeable is the increased flurry of feathery friends hanging around the neighborhood.  Urban Barn currently carries several unique birdhouses worthy of hosting these returning guests.  My favourites have to be the adorable handmade birdhouses below.  I realize I might appreciate the attention to detail a little more than the birds but this could change once they see these places!

Shown above: Chalet Birdhouse, Surf City Birdhouse, Cottage Birdhouse, Townhouse Birdhouse; all from Urban Barn

Each is uniquely handcrafted and fully functional for use indoor or outdoor.  They are safe for all wildlife meaning no harmful chemicals used in the production.  Perfect for small birds such as wrens, finches, chickadees or whomever might want to stop by.  Below are a few basic recommendations for setting up a new birdhouse:

Placement – initially it’s best to put the birdhouse up away from your home – preferably in the backyard.  Birds will be more comfortable venturing to the new house if it’s in a quiet, shady spot.  Once you notice some regular tenants, you can move it closer to your home if you like.

Food – make sure you are using a mix of seed or suet that are common for the birds in your area.  Sunflower seeds and cracked corn are great additions to the standard wild bird mix.

Water – in addition to the beautiful birdhouse and menu offering, a birdbath would be sure to bring some more attention to the new digs!

Remember variety attracts variety; the more you can offer your new feathered friends the more species you’ll attract!  Below is a great homemade wild bird food recipe to try out, courtesy of

  • 1 cup of lard
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup of cornmeal
  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • 1 cup of wild birdseed

Cream the lard and peanut butter together. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Apply to pine cone or to a wooden bird feeder.  The birds absolutely love it!!

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