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Finding Your Summer Colour

FlowerWith a relatively small investment in a few new home décor items, you can easily create a feeling of summer in your home. For best results, try to enjoy these new purchases with bare feet, an open window and some real iced tea.

When choosing a colour to decorate with this summer, it’s important to choose a colour that represents you. Don’t just look at what colours are trending to make this decision. Our creative director, Sebastien, gives the following advice when trying to find your summer colour: “If you’re having trouble finding a colour that represents you, look no further than your wardrobe for inspiration.”

Your perfect summer colour might be an obvious choice. If you decide to look to your wardrobe for inspiration and you open your closet door to realize that the spectrum of colour on your hangers is from white to black, don’t panic! A neutral, modern beach inspired look might be perfect for you. To create a sophisticated beach look, steer clear of seashells and fishing nets and think of more subtle beach inspired items. Décor items in neutral greys, creams and fresh whites in a mixture of textures will give your space a southing vibe.


Sometimes it’s not only about adding colour to a room, but removing some of the dark. With such affordable artwork options, why not purchase a painting or print that has a strong feeling of summer? Take away some darker artwork and display something new for the summer months. Bring the beach vibe into your space this summer with Swept Away ($99) – a neutral print from talented Canadian photographer Trevor Cooper.

It’s not only colour, but also pattern that make up my summer wardrobe. Anyone that knows me and my wardrobe well knows that I love a good stripe. A striped t-shirt layered with a lightweight cardigan is one of my signature summer looks. Whether it’s a new pillow or a new duvet, I try to incorporate a new stripe in my apartment in some way each season. This season I’ve paired the Riviera Stripe Cushion in Dijon with a few other fun summer accessories to bring the summer into my livingroom.

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