How To's

Finding The Right Rug

We walk all over them everyday, and they hardly ever complain! Rugs add a much needed touch of softness to areas in your home. Whether they are protecting your entrance or providing cozy warmth for your feet in a living room, the right rug makes all the difference in a room.  While rugs add the perfect touch to any room, it seems the biggest challenge is finding the right one. However, using these tips and tricks will help you find the right carpet for every room in your home.

Bigger isn’t always better. Make sure that you properly measure the area you wish to place your rug in. An area rug is most often used to define and accentuate an area. That being said, it should never cover the entire floor, or else your area will feel ‘lost’.

Make sure you have good placement. The rule of thumb is that all the front feet of your main pieces of furniture should be on top of the rug. This excludes any accent pieces or chairs you may have hiding in a corner or away from the main area. When placing a rug under a dining area, the rug should be large enough that the chairs are still on the rug, even when pulled out and sat on. In a bedroom, a rug should be either entirely under a bed with 14 to 20 inches of rug around the bed, or placed directly at the foot of your bed to add a bit of warmth and softness.

Remember to choose the right type of rug for the room. It is probably not a good idea to place a shag rug in your entrance, as it will collect unwanted pieces of outside dirt. Our Seagrass Woven rugs, Better Then Sisal rugs and Capetown rugs are made of tough and sturdy materials and very easy to clean.

With our selection of custom and in stock rugs, finding the right rug is easy. For some further help in visualizing a rug in your room, try our ‘Make Room’ online program.


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