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Featured home: Modern Rustic in fort mcmurray


This month, our #MyUrbanBarn winner Cindy revealed that she had recently redecorated her home in Fort McMurray. We love her design style, so we asked her to snap a few more pics to share some inspiration with our readers.

“My whole style is Modern Rustic. I love using reclaimed wood – almost every wood piece I choose is reclaimed. Here in my front entryway, I chose the Chateau-Silvermoon bench, and to anchor it I went with your Mingling wall Art. For decor, I chose pillows and throws, all from Urban Barn! I paired the Betina Knit Throw with your Flower Toss pillow and the Bonjour toss, and to add a little personal touch I layered in the Coffee book box! That’s where I keep the treats! For extra throws and pillows I chose the Stuff wire basket to another Betina Knit throw, but in grey. I also went with the Alice wall clock that I felt brought more of the rustic feel to it. I love this look because it is the first space you see when you come through the front door and it sets the tone for the whole house.”


“My dining room…. I am so glad I went with 8 of the Simone Dining Chairs. They are great for dinner parties. Everyone gravitates to this table, and the table itself is such a beautiful piece. I chose the Chateau-Silvermoon dining table, and I am so happy I did. I absolutely love it! I have it extended all the time.

For my wall art I went with the Still Docks. I wanted something a little more rustic, but also wouldn’t compete with my table. For the table décor, I thought it would be such a great conversational piece if I went with something a little quirky so I picked out the Polly Statues. They are so cute! I wanted something floral as well so I went with the Cannes small vases and the Shae Hydrangeas in blue/green. And I always say “if you love it put a tray under it! This is UB’s Chamblay Tray.  Also in this picture you can see my lovely Wine cabinet! I think every person who has come through my house has asked “where did you get that?” And with pride I tell them it’s the Post and Rail Wine Cabinet from UB! “


“Below, you can see the Ambleside wall mirror,  This Is My Happy Place plaque, Marilla bowl, and You Light Up My Day Lantern. “


“Here you can see the Manhattan Custom Condo in Polo Grey, and my chairs are the Groove Custom in Owen Tusk.”




“Thanks Again for picking me as June Months winner! I truly do love UB, as you can obviously tell!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little piece of my home I love and live in.”

Thank you Cindy for sharing your beautiful home with us! You can see more stunning photos of her home by following Cindy on Instagram at @MsCinlee.

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