Fall Preview: Themes

All Fall 2013 purchasing is pretty much completed and we’re just heading into summer!  Time flies when you’re having fun – buying!

Consider this post a continuation to Julie’s recent blog on colour inspiration for fall.

After you choose a colour, what’s next? Pick a theme!

This year we were inspired by some amazing colours which led us to great themes.   These themes will easily clear the path for a smooth transition into the holiday season!


Originally inspired by nature and the cozy rustic feeling that follows, modern country comes to life with a combination of contemporary white accents and classic, soft textures.


Grey has become the new neutral; it pairs beautifully with so many contrasting colours.   However we’re inspired to go full glitz here and layer it with silver to create an elegant and modern space.   Industrial shimmer is where it’s at!


Chic and glamorous! Call it purple or plum, it’s still going strong.   On its own or as an accent, it automatically heightens the “wow” factor in a room.  Pair it with dijon or turquoise for a more eclectic feel.

Are you ready for a brand new theme for fall?

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