Exercise Some Lid Thinking

Thanks to our guest contributor Adriana from our King Street location for this post!

The “New Normal” is a phrase I’ve heard spouted once too often and has a strange consistency in my mind. From what I can gather, every generation has certain parameters and guidelines, which the next generation will then buck against fervently only to replace them with their own. That being said, I have been hearing it a lot where design trends are concerned and I’m glad to see some of the more staunch design “rules” from yesteryear have upgraded in favour of a fresh take.

Big huge flashing disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinion and take on what looks good and what doesn’t. If you follow any of these rules, who am I to say it doesn’t look great? You don’t always have to think outside the box, but some lid thinking never hurt.

New Neutrals
Growing up with my mom in the 90’s, much of her interior design aesthetic was based on the “everything neutral” trend. As a child, I was up to my eyeballs in taupe, sand, ivory, cream, eggshell, bone, beige, carafe, chocolate and of course brown. I am glad to see my beloved shades of grey still represented this season.

Colour Therapy
I am surprised at how many of us want to incorporate come colour into our space but are nervous about straying too far away from a safe, neutral palette. I love how Urban Barn has incorporated different pops of colour into different designs this season. Through the use of a few clever accents, adding a pop of colour can be easy, fun and refreshing.

I inwardly cringe whenever I hear these words. I am happy to report that the matchy-matchy trend continues to decline. Design is more layered than ever, combining colours, textures, materials and cultural influences. Spaces are being created that are more than just stylish; they are intrinsic to the people living in them. What a novel idea!

Now I pose the questions to all of you: What are some design rules that you’re glad have been left at the wayside, or even ones that you feel will never fall out of style?

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