Everything You Need This Mother’s Day

Malai Flower Bunch Cherry, silk flowers, blooms, urban barn, mother's day gift ideas

It’s almost the time of year again where every single store, card shop, and flower stall reminds us that it’s Mother’s Day. This is with good reason, our Moms (or the people who sometimes act like our Mom) deserve to be honoured and given a little thanks.

Whether you’re buying or making a card this year, the message is always the most important part. It’s time to put aside all potential embarrassment and really tell her how you feel. This is for all those times she kept you from harm’s way, brushed off your dirty knees, or let you wipe your snotty nose on her sleeve. Our mothers made sacrifices for us, loved us no matter what, and worked harder than we could imagine, just to give us a chance to succeed.

In addition to the thoughtful card, this is her day to relax and get spoiled. Whether you’re paying her a visit or you’re helping the kids to give Mom a special occasion, we’ve got a few pieces that might help.

Malai Flower Bunch Cherry, silk flowers, blooms, urban barn, mother's day gift ideas
Malai – Flower Bunch (Cherry)


There’s a wide selection of long-lasting blooms and branches at Urban Barn, which can be used by themselves, or in a bouquet. They always look great in a vase and won’t wilt after a few days. They’re also a fantastic way to bring fresh seasonal colours into any space.

mother's day gifts, jewelry box, urban barn
Passetto Jewelry Box (Grey)


A new jewelry box is always a nice surprise, especially when there’s a little something in each of the drawers for the lucky recipient to open. The drawers are big enough to put her card in, as well something shiny that is bound to be well received. It also comes in teal.

mother's day gift ideas, photo board, urban barn, furniture, accents, decor
Family Photoline Display (wood)


Does the mother in your life love to show off photographs of special moments? This wooden display piece features three lengths of twin, along with the miniature clips, perfect for hanging images of your last vacation, silly faces, and memories of loved ones who you really should call.

free range children, funny signs, pinterest, urban barn, signs,
Free Range Children Block


Is your home a mad-house? Make sure your guests have had fair warning with this sign. Once they’ve read it, you can’t be blamed for any stains, breakages, or bruised egos.

throw, blanket, throw blanket, urban barn,
Brecken Throw (Sea)


There’s nothing like snuggling up in a super-soft throw, except a nice hug. These throws, made with a medley of yarns in varying thickness look perfect draped over the back of a chair or your shoulders.

It looks you’re all set to make this Mother’s day truly special. Oh, and you’ll get bonus points if you make her breakfast in bed too – here’s the Montreal tray (available in a number of colours) to carry in her pastries and mimosa.


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Still need more gift ideas? Check out our ‘Gifts for Her’ section on

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