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Engage Your Holiday Senses

Whether we like to admit it or not, the holiday season is among us. Walking into an Urban Barn is a plain reminder of the season… but a fun and stylish reminder, we hope. There’s nothing for us to do now but to engage our senses and learn to enjoy the season! It’s an activity typically enjoyed in quite the opposite season to winter, but I like to compare the holiday season to a cold swimming pool on a hot August day. I know that it’ll feel great once I’m in the water and my body has become used to the temperature but getting my body in the water at my own pace is key. I know that if I take the plunge on my own terms, the satisfaction will be much greater than if I am thrown in. I suggest applying the same logic to the holidays.

I find that it is best to engage all of my senses early in the season to greatly reduce my holiday stress level come mid-December. I’d like to share a few tricks that I’ve picked up along the years that help me to ease myself into the holiday season and find my Holiday spirit.


Create a Pinterest board to pin entertaining, decorating and baking ideas. Creating an inspiration board or gathering your ideas all in one place early in the season while your stress level is still low makes a lot of sense. As stress levels increase, creativity often has a tendency to decrease!


Holiday baking run-through. It’s never too early to start practicing and perfecting holiday baking. For those of us who plan on trying a few new recipes this year, why not practice? If you feel it’s too early to have holiday baking around the house, put it in the freezer (with a lock until December!) or bring the goodies into work with you to share with coworkers!


Smell the season. Candles are a classic way to lightly scent your home with a reminder that the holidays will soon be upon us. Check out your nearest Urban Barn and take a whiff of our new holiday scented Duet Candles in Pine & Vanilla or Cranberry & Vanilla priced from $12-14. If you’re looking for something a bit different, try a “Stove Top Holiday” recipe that will fill your home with the strong aroma of Holiday goodness.


Let the speakers ring loud. I like to ease myself into the Holiday music season with the classic pop holiday songs. It’s a shock to the system to find yourself in the middle of a mall in December with Christmas carols blasting in your ear and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Slowly incorporating holiday songs into your regular playlist is guaranteed to help you survive the month of December. I suggest starting now.

Happy Holidays!

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