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DIY: The Forecast Calls For Cloudy

During our most recent catalogue photo shoot, I fell in love with these precious fluffy cloud props that were brought to set. I began to daydream about the various ways one could use a hanging cloud, like as a wedding decoration or in a child’s bedroom or maybe you’re just feeling cloudy one day. Whatever.

I immediately decided that I must have some clouds of my own…. Except nobody was giving them so I had to take matters into my own hands. No, I didn’t steal them from the set (as tempting as it was) but instead decided to make them and use them as props in our Granville store window.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Hit up your local craft store and buy some fiberfill, wire on a spool and some string or fishing line.

2. Carefully open the package and pull out the fiberfill in large chunks. Try not to break it up too much.

3. Unroll a few feet of your bendable wire and thread it through the first chunk of fiberfill.

4. Once the wire comes through the other side, bend it around the fiberfill in circles to make the shape that you want and then bend the wire around itself to secure the shape.

5. The additional fill can then be threaded onto the same wire at the other end. Keep threading and bending until you get your desired size and shape. As long as the wire is tied to itself it shouldn’t lose shape or move around too much.

6. Thread some fishing line or string through the wire and hang up your cloud.

7. Once the cloud is hung, you can fluff it to conceal any exposed wire and do any additional shaping.

FUN TIP: By sticking a battery operated tealight inside you can turn your already cute fluffy cloud into a super pretty cloud light. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

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