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DIY: Cross Stitching

DO try this at home.

I volunteer with a group of young girls once a week and as leaders we are responsible for coming up with a curriculum and fun craft ideas for each week. You cannot imagine my excitement when we decided to bring in a guest to teach us all how to crochet. I could only imagine the possibilities! Oh the things I could make once I master this craft! Well, as you might guess, halfway through the class my excitement waned as I realized that perhaps my fingers weren’t as nimble as a 10 year olds and I don’t learn quite as fast as I used to. “But I’m a DIYer!” I thought to myself “Surely I can do this!!!”.  Ya, not so much. But my interest was piqued and a whole new world opened up to me, a world of knitting, sewing and all things string. I couldn’t knit a scarf or make a doily but something crafty was going to happen…..

On my way home that evening I was reminded of a summer I spent living in a camper up north and although the scenery was breathtaking, I got bored quite quickly.  I needed something to fill the time so I took up cross stitching. Of course! How could I forget?

Inspiration - courtesy of and

I rushed home, jumped on the internet and was surprised to find loads of cool and modern cross stitching patterns, everything from a simple two tone design to templates that were bold and intricate. For those of you who are nostalgic, the scenery and kitten patterns that your grandma made are still available.

What you need to get started
The final product

If you require a lesson on cross stitching, any online tutorial should do the trick. Trust me, it’s far easier than it looks.

  1. I love all your DIY projects Kora! You make it all look so easy. I definitely want to give this one a whirl, I love the skull!

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