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DIY: Crafting For Christmas

About a week away from December, and it’s starting to get to that time…the putting up of the tree. My family’s tree is about as non-Martha as it can get, since my mother has saved every handcrafted ornament my brother and I have brought home since the age of about four. This means that our tree is hung with spray-painted macaroni and badly bent pipe-cleaner candy canes, or whatever else our teachers led us in making that year. Yet as childish as the worksmanship may be, they’re always our favourite ornaments on the tree, and make our tree special.

This year though, I’m thinking of upping the ante and creating some easy DIY ornaments that have the upside of looking professionally made (with a minimum of work). None of these require anything that your local craft store (eg. Michaels) wouldn’t carry. Disclaimer: my level of “craftiness” is pretty darn low, so believe me when I say that these should be easy!

Vintage Music Ball from

Fill clear glass ornaments with shredded sheet music for a cute vintage look! If you don’t have old sheet music lying around, simply google “sheet music” in image search, and print off one you like – I’d also stain the paper in coffee or tea to give an aged look.

Armoured Ornament from Apartment Therapy

Thumbtacks + Styrofoam ball = cool armoured ornament that will add amazing sparkle to your tree. Some suggestions to keep the thumbtacks from falling out over time would be to either wrap the Styrofoam in duct tape before piercing, or to hot-glue the tacks in.

Crayon Ornaments from The Swell Life

The perfect way to use up those last nibs of crayon! Put ‘em in a clear glass ornament, and hit it with your hair dryer. Quick tip – if you’re having trouble peeling the paper off of your crayons, just soak them in water, and they’ll come right off.

Cupcake Ornaments from

It was actually a version of these on pinterest which inspired this blog post – who can resist a little fake sugar on the tree? While these might take a little more time to make than the other ornaments, the tutorial is laid out in clear steps, and is illustrated adorably to boot. If you’re unable to find SnowTex, I’ve read that caulk can work for the “icing” as well. Tip to the wise: I’d probably use foil-lined cupcake liners, since they’ll be less likely to crush over time.


Happy crafting!

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