Decorating For Your Nose

Two weeks ago, just when the nights were starting to get cool, I was driving home with the windows down. For just a few seconds, the smell of a backyard bonfire wafted through the car from some unseen backyard, and then was gone. The piney-smoky scent of bonfires always has an edge of autumn to it for me, since it brings up memories of camping, and in particular a fall school trip out to cottage country. With a whiff, it was official – fall had begun in my mind.

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With a direct link to our brains’ limbic system, an area tied to memory and emotion, scents can be more powerful than we realize. What you see in a room will always make a difference, but what you don’t see can have an impact as well. While both are pleasant, I think that a room that smells of baking bread would have a different effect on you than one with a floral aroma.

In these cozy months, I like to pull out candles with vanilla, since they lend a round and warm feel to the room. If you feel like keeping a fresher feel in the room, the Rococco Citrus Orange Nectar diffuser is my favourite in store. (tip to the wise: with any oil diffuser, try with only two or three sticks for the first 24 hours – depending on the size of your room and air circulation, that may be enough. Put sticks in one at a time after that to calibrate the scent levels as you like.)

Feel free to experiment with scents in your room, and you may find yourself thinking about your space differently!

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