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Creating a bedroom sanctuary

Whether globetrotting in search of his next design inspiration or relaxing in his bedroom retreat in his Vancouver townhome, Sebastien Fauteux – our Creative Director extraordinaire – appreciates the idea of a calming bedroom sanctuary.  Drawing on his own fabulous hotel room stays, we caught up with him recently during one of his brief stints at home to learn what details homeowners can incorporate into their own bedrooms to create that relaxing, sanctuary-like feel.

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“When you travel as much as I do, you come to appreciate certain details in hotel rooms that you may not have at home,” shares Sebastien. “Here are some must-haves for creating a sanctuary-like feel I’ve discovered through my travels:

Good Lighting

Lighting helps to set the mood both in design and in life. Good lighting can help transition you from stressed to relaxed in no time.


The Goldilocks Of Nightstands

The worst is when you have a nightstand that’s too low, too far away from the bed or doesn’t have anywhere for you to set your book, glass of water or tissue box when you’re under the weather. For me the ideal nightstand has a pull-out surface and lots of drawers for storage.


Curtain Call

Many hotels drape their windows in blackout curtains – one of the best things about travelling, particularly after a long flight. At home, when I don’t need to catch up from jet-lag, I love these patterned drapery panels!


A Good Accent Chair To Cozy Up In

Whether on the road or at home, if you have the space, a comfy accent chair is perfect for curling up to read a book or do some shopping on your tablet.


Colour Choice

A relaxing and neutral colour choice can be key. It’s easy to pick a colour that you like, but if it’s a room for two, you don’t want a partner who doesn’t want to go to bed! Alternatively you can you toss pillows or bedding to add personality and colour to your room. I personally like to switch my duvet set seasonally to add different colour stories in a budget-friendly way.

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Q: What are your favourite things about staying in a hotel room?

SF: “It’s calm, quiet, de-cluttered and organized. I don’t like waking up in chaos – it depresses me. I do, however, love the luxury of tossing my robe on the bed and having someone else make it! Fresh sheets make me smile, and those blackout curtains are THE best!”

Q: What details and special touches turn your hotel room into a home away from home?

SF: “Personally, a hotel room feels most sanctuary-like and relaxing for me when it has a comfy bed, good lighting, a great accent chair, nice bathroom linens and a deep tub to soak in after a long flight.”

Q: When you travel, what do you miss most about your own bedroom?”

SF: “I love my job and the fact that it provides me with fantastic opportunities to travel the world and experience different cultures. I spend roughly five months each year living out of hotels rooms, so I find what I miss most is not my home but rather the feeling of being in a hotel room when I am at home. So, to create my personal bedroom sanctuary, I’ve actually made my bedroom at home feel like a hotel room!”

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