How To's

Create a backyard getaway

There is nothing wrong with a staycation, especially when you have an outdoor living space you don’t want to leave. Whether you have a full-fledged back yard, a balcony, or a patio we want you to have the perfect staycation getaway. Here are a few easy ways to create a backyard getaway worth staying home for:


Make it yours
Your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your home, choose furniture and decorative accents that speak to you and your signature style. This will make the visual transition from indoor to outdoor seamless.


Define the space
Add a patio table to define the space and create a designated zone. If you are working with a smaller space, choose a slimmer more streamlined table to create the sense of a larger space.

UrbanBarnPiazza BistroSet

Get comfortable
Make sure the space is comfortable for you and your guests. Include toss cushions, throw blankets and an outdoor area rug to keep the space feeling comfy day or night.

UrbanBarnAccentPillowsAdd some flair
Incorporate seasonal outdoor accents into the space. This is an easy fix with a few decorative piece that will add color and character. If you have a smaller area choose functional pieces like candles, cutlery holders, vases, or serving trays.UrbanBarnPatioDecorAccents

If you have a backyard gateway that makes you want to staycation, tell us more in the comments below.

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