Cozy Fall Design Trends

Summer has officially left us but that’s nothing to be sad about. In fashion and home décor, it’s hard to argue that Fall is the season with the most options and possibilities. This is also the time of year that we begin to spend the most time indoors, so what better excuse do you need to freshen things up?

Here are a few of my favourite emerging design trends of season:

Mixing Patterns With Organics
The organic look of reclaimed woods and metals in the home has been on trend for a few seasons now. Incorporating fabrics in fun, contemporary prints to your space is a fun way of freshening up this look for Fall. Check out our Simone Dining Chair – perfect for achieving this look.


Faux Paneling
Fall is known for being the season of layers. Have you ever consider adding layers to your walls by installing faux paneling? With a few tools and supplies from your local hardware store you can add interest to your walls and huge impact to your space.


Dark Walls
Create drama with dark walls. As an emerging trend in interior design, painting walls dark is a trend proving itself to be one of the easiest (and cost effective) ways to dramatically change the overall vibe of a space. Remember that dark doesn’t have to mean black. Even a medium shade of grey can create cozy results. I’m a huge fan!


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