Behind The Scenes

Cologne, Germany Buyers Report …and it was all Yellow!

No wonder January is becoming my favourite month of the year. As everyone is getting over the post-Christmas blues, I’m packing for the furniture fair in Cologne Germany! This year one thing I could not help but notice was the colour yellow was everywhere. I mean everywhere! Not only did every manufacturer showing have at least some small splash in the colour, the fair itself was cloaked in it. Attendees wore it including myself, the cafe was painted in it, and the signs were all yellow.

Here’s a peek at some of the yellow that was inspiring us in Cologne:


In spring 2013 we introduced our Loden Arm Chair in the daring and trendy colour. We thought that this was a bit out there, but were pleasantly surprised that our customers took this hot trend and ran with it! We brought in bedding, ottomans, upholstery…and it all went over beyond expectations. What the show in Cologne pointed out to me was that this is not just a colour of the year and we can expect to see it for quite a while.

Here’s a look at our recent booth at the Interior Design Show in Toronto:


The next stop on my trip was to Paris! Stay tuned for a report on that one coming soon!

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