Check Out What's Pinteresting

Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as we are? We have a lot of different boards to tickle your fancy, but some of our favourites are “We <3 Animals”, “New Arrivals”, “DIY” and “Eat!”. Take a look at what we’ve been pinning:


We <3 Animals

As you may know, we love when you bring your pets into our stores. Nothing brightens up our day more than to see a cute little pup enjoying a seat in our Nest chair. So naturally, we love to pin pictures of adorable animals.


New Arrivals

We’re always getting new products into our stores and we love to share them on Pinterest!



It doesn’t necessarily take a crafty person to be a DIY person… but it helps.



The top reason people Pin, is to save recipes. And let me tell you… there is no shortage of awesome recipes on Pinterest.

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