Caring For Your Wood Furniture

After buying a home and a car, furniture is often the next biggest expense (not counting the kids) so I feel it’s important to make it last. The first step is buying something you know will last as long as you expect it to, but it’s also very important to give your furniture a little love once in a while!

I am often asked what products to use when caring for furniture and for the longest time I simply suggested going to your local home store and buying a good product. But after trying to do so myself I realized there isn’t always a lot to choose from. Sure you can use the old lemon-scented namesake that mom used, but there are a lot of good products out there, and although they may cost a little more the benefits can be great!

The first trick is to understand what product to use on different types of furniture; unfortunately there isn’t one that works on everything. For wood and wood veneers, citrus oils clean nicely; they also replace natural oils wood loses over time, so it doesn’t dry out and crack on you. And yes you can usually clean a veneer just like solid wood! A wood veneer is a thin slice of natural wood so it requires just as much love as solid wood, just make sure it is really a wood veneer and not a fake wood or foil print or you will just be wasting a good cleaner. To take this even further, a deep conditioning can add years to the life of your wood furniture. And try to stick to natural products, there is a lot more out there these days.

Besides using a good cleaning product, nothing beats regular dusting! That dry old dust takes moisture out of the air and leaves it on your furniture. This extra moisture will soften the finish and make it look dull and tired before it’s time. Use a dry lint-free cloth and give your furniture a quick wipe between cleanings.

As I mention above, there are a lot of good products out there to choose from but I still need to get my product pitch in! Urban Barn carries fabric and leather care kits for upholstery, stain pens to fix little nicks and scratches in wood furniture, and we are about to introduce Howard Orange Oil and Feed-N-Wax products!  I think you will love the new care products we carry, but if not, I really recommend finding one you love and using it. Your furniture will love you for it.

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