Behind The Scenes

Buying Trip To China

Our last buying trip to China was 18 days filled with a busy schedule of trade shows, train rides, and meetings.   Finally, we found ourselves with one afternoon off in between the madness.  With sore feet and a map we were determined to make the most of it.  We decided to visit the Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery in Ngong Ping.  After the longest cable car ride I have ever been on, approximately 5.7 km we were finally there.

The Big Buddha

On our road to enlightenment we grabbed a Starbucks coffee and were on our way.  The view from the Buddha was amazing; it was a windy day and you and could hear the ripping of the wind through the trees that were soon drowned out by the chanting of the monks.  AMAZING

Vegetarian Soup

After the Buddha we headed to the Monastery for a vegetarian lunch of soup full of vegetables I was not familiar with.  Afterwards, we continued to walk around the Monastery and noticed an injured butterfly. A group of people gathered and watched as the butterfly fluttered by. Having found the Monastery, you knew it was in a place that it would always be safe.

Cable car views

On the trip back we braved the wind sweeping the cable car away; Stacey and I practically held hands until our return.  Then it was back to the hotel and to our work.  It may have been the evening in China, but it was a Monday morning in Canada and we were back to work.

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