Behind The Scenes

Buyer Report: Maison et Objet in Paris!

I had a rare treat this year. My annual buying trip to Cologne Germany, followed by a mid-winter European vacation, made it possible for me to attend the Maison et Objet show in Paris. Although Paris is a short train ride from Cologne, the difference in noticeable trends was miles away; Paris is where it is at!


I was pretty pleased to see that our current and upcoming line up is very on trend. In Germany the colour yellow was everywhere, but Paris showcased all colours of the rainbow. Everyone infused their offerings with a great selection of reds, oranges, and yellows, and also included a lot of vibrant greens, blues, purples, and everything in between. It was very uplifting and inspiring. Kind of like our upcoming line up for the spring and summer where we have really expanded our use of colour! Sorry, but we won’t be bringing in the electric blue gorilla pictured below. Other notable trends are brass and copper metals, heavy canvas materials (look for our Asher sofa arriving this spring), and white bases with rustic wood tops, like our fan-favorite Cape Cod bedroom. Oh yeah and skulls are still all the rage. Just wait until you see our skull stool we have on the way in!

Another trend that couldn’t escape anyone was the use of unfinished and washed-out rustic wood, particularly when mixed with industrial hardware and metal. This was by far the look of the show. Not to say that modern contemporary style wasn’t there, it just seemed to take a back seat to an overwhelming return to nature. Nautical themes displayed with fishing nets and boats, polished steel with reclaimed wood—a look we are about to rollout with our Silverwood coffee table collection.

I guess what left a lasting impression on me from the Paris show is that to find home decor at the height of fashion, one doesn’t need to fly off to Paris (although I highly recommend it). Just take a trip to your nearest Urban Barn!

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