Booking It

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been an avid reader – in fact, I’ve learned from my last few moves that I actually own more books than I do clothes! Even with a digital reader added to my collection, there’s something about the physical act of reading that can’t be had with anything but hard copy. If you’re like me, there is a pretty decent chance that you’re also tripping over piles of reading near your bed. Lucky for us, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to make a bookshelf not only functional, but a compelling design element of a room.
Colourblocking: You’ve probably seen this on television sets and in magazines for a while now, but it’s an easy and dramatic way for a shelf to make an impact (can’t you totally see the Brosna with each shelf done in a different colour?). Alternatively, a clean monotone can be achieved by covering your books in paper of the same tones. You’d have to run a very organized library to ensure you can find your books though…

Stacking: Just because the libraries put their books with spines neatly arranged up and down, doesn’t mean you have to! While I’m not personally crazy about the idea of doing a whole collection like this, having a few stacks of books here and there does add a nice contrast – I really like the casual look it gives, and I love how they can even be used as a surface for personal items. Which leads us to…

Vignettes: Just because it’s a bookshelf doesn’t mean that it needs to be a solid wall of literature. I love the addition of little art pieces and boxes into a shelf – little hits of colour in the shelf can help tie it into the rest of the room (like the addition of teal in the built-in white shelf that connects it to the large piece of art hanging to the right). And while it depends on just how many books you have to cram on your shelves, a little bit of negative space isn’t a bad thing either.

I found these photos totally inspiring, and am now suffering from a bit of shelf envy…next few days off, I may have to rework mine! Which are your favourites?

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