Behind The Scenes

Bonjour, Paris! A First Time Traveler


When I think of Paris, I picture a young couple in love, embracing in the middle of the street, pulling apart and quickly running back to each other for one last kiss before finally parting ways. I picture girls riding bicycles with skirts… the type of bicycle with the basket in front and of course looking chic with every movement. I think of picnics in the park and a well-dressed men walking down side streets with long loaves of French bread tucked under their arms. Of course I think of wine and cheese as well.


I recently had the opportunity to visit this idolized city and… well, my imagination wasn’t far off from reality.


I wouldn’t consider myself the romantic type by any stretch but Paris is a true education in romance. It took me less than a day in the city to very clearly understand what all the hype is about. The city is beautiful and is unlike any city I’ve ever travelled to. For those who have had the opportunity to visit Paris and fell in love, or for those who are still saving up, here are a few popular Urban Barn products inspirited by the city of love.


Formed from molded plaster, a technique is applied by hand to make the Hotel De Paris plaque look as though it survived centuries of history in the streets of Paris.


A modern spin on the iconic Eiffel Tower, no detail is spared when we created the fashion-forward Eiffel Glow Lamp.


Mimicking the form of the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Desk is made of steel just like the real thing.



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