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Blanket the Country Shelter Spotlight: Maison de la paix

This year we are very proud to be running our campaign in Quebec! Check out!

Throughout the weeks we want to introduce you to some of the Quebecois shelters that your blanket donations will be supporting.

La Maison de la Paix of Longeuil, Quebec


Since 1990, the mission of the Maison de la paix is to provide educational and vocational training, as well as information, counselling and referral services to help adults and young adults deal with their issues. They provide a shelter and welcome up to 51 people, for a 3-month period.

Working mainly with youth aged 14 to 17 years old, their main objectives are to increase the autonomy and accountability of adolescents staying at the shelters, as well as encouraging and facilitating their reintegration into society: professionally, economically and academically.

They offer a host of services including group home accommodation, social development workshops and professional career counselling to better equip young adults and prepare them for the future.

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Join us in the 5th annual year of Blanket the Country in Warmth. With your $5 donation you can help us deliver 15,000 brand new cozy fleece blankets to those in need at over 30 shelters across Canada. Donations can be made at any Urban Barn location or online.

If you aren’t located in the Quebec area, we encourage you to send your warm wishes on

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