Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes: Q & A With Creative Director Sebastien

Meet Sebastien. He’s the man responsible for the overall creative vision of Urban Barn’s seasonal collections and the guy who introduced the pink Buddha to the world. As you can imagine his travel schedule is brutal. Nonetheless, we convinced him to sit down long enough to take a photograph and ask him a few questions about what you’ll find at Urban Barn in the coming months: What inspires him? What annoys him? And, at least one thing he says way too often. As you can imagine, Sebastien is a visual man, so the image below is a visual exploration of what inspires him.


We have to know, what do you say way too often?

“Super Cute!” I cannot stop saying it when I get excited about new products.

OK I’ll bite. What are you excited about this fall?

Everything of course. I particularly love our new Chateau Dining Collection. I love the colour, the feel, the practicality. I love it all. The Sideboard is super cute. You see, I can’t stop myself.

Do you have a favourite colour for this season? 

I used to be a “closeted colour lover”. I am still a big fan of greys and whites, but this season I love the teal and purple colour combinations.

What inspired you the most about the fall collection?  

The raw timber. Picture me chopping wood and examining the wood grain. There is also a retro-vibe that is vintage Palm Springs.

What is the most important furniture purchase?

A sofa that fits your room, your needs and the needs of your family. Think of all the options available. Configuration, covering, colour.

What is the simplest way to make a big change in a space?

Easy peasy. In your bedroom. Change the bedding, add toss cushions and a throw. It is a makeover in split seconds.

Who are your design heroes?

Nobody does colour like Kate Spade. I am also a big fan of John Varvatos – rock star chic at its best. In the design and interior design world, Jonathan Adler is on top of my list.

What is your favourite piece in this catalogue?

Me obviously.

Touché. What is your favourite piece of furniture in this catalogue?

The Fillmore Sofa is fantastic. Our lighting is amazing this year and our colour palette is so fresh and bold. 

Just like you.

Exactly like me.

  1. I’m so glad to read about my high school and dear friend Sébastien, and to see that life is so good to him! From as far as I can remember, he’s had great tastes for all the nice things around us. Please let him know I’m proud of what he’s become and that I would be very happy to hear from him directly!

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