Artist Spotlight: Trevor Cooper

With an array of stunning scenic shots, Trevor Cooper’s photography has become a mainstay at Urban Barn. Trevor Cooper, a Vancouver area resident and professional photographer, has been a prominent photographer in Canadian publications for the past 30 years. His work as been seen in various publications, including Ski Magazine, Powder Magazine and Canadian tourism magazines. However, it is his art that he most cherishes, and prides himself on creating pieces that touch the lives of people everyday.

Silver Infinity – 40 x 40″, $99 at Urban Barn

In an online statement, Cooper sums up his artistic process and the relationship that exists between photographer and the moment they try to capture.

“Photography is about viewing the world through the lens of a camera. It’s all about creating images that tell a story. Whether it’s the opportunity of seizing a spectacular moment in time or the thrill of catching nature at its best. In one brief second, I have the opportunity to experience that moment, the excitement is capturing that on film and sharing it with you.”

Fable Forest – 30 x 60″, $119

In a phone interview with Trevor, he had some very interesting things to say about his artistic process, the pieces he has created and his life of art and photography.

SS: Hello Mr. Cooper! Judging from your accent, you must be a Kiwi?

TC: (laughs) Yeah, I grew up in New Zealand, but I have been in BC for 25 years now. However when winter comes, I often wonder why I left the sub-tropics for these intense winters. But I do enjoy the mountains.

SS: Can you take me through your creative process?

TC: For sure! Well to begin, I do not specialize in any certain type of photography. So I’m not a wedding photographer, rather just take in what is around me. I love nature and wildlife, so that is what I usually shoot. I try not to use Photoshop too much. Instead I use a panning technique to achieve the effect seen in my art.

SS: How do you choose the specific spots where you ‘capture the moment?’

TC: Well, I am never not with a camera! I am always looking for new places and seeing if I can spot something new and interesting. Sometimes I get off the beaten path. In fact, I just came back from Palouse in Washington state. A breathtaking place. You should really check it out! Sometimes the best shots happen by sheer luck. ‘Silver Infinity’ was taken on a beach in Waikiki, Hawaii. I set up my tripod on my balcony and let the sun reflecting off the waves create that perfect moment I was able to capture.

SS: In your online statement, you state that you hope your art touches all that view it. How does your art make you feel?

TC: Well, as you get older, you begin to evaluate life differently. Nature has definitely meant much more to me. Getting older, you tend to look at the world in other ways. I have become a more emotional photographer, an a lot of what I shoot brings back old memories. In fact the shoot I just finished in Palouse was full of sand dunes and the sea, and it brought me back to  memories of my childhood.

Winter Vision – 30 x 60″ , $119

Whether Fable Forest, Silver Infinity or Winter Vision, Coopers pieces leave the viewer with a sense of wonder at his haunting beautiful visualization of the natural world.

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