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How Armchairs Make a Difference in your Space

Today, we’re going to talk about armchairs.

And no, we’re not going to talk about the armchair that’s been relegated to a corner, placed in your bedroom (though that works well, too!) but we’re going to talk about the statement that armchairs can make in your living room.

I think somewhere in our minds we believe the standard living room set up is a sofa and a love seat. While this set up is easy and functional (“I like this sofa, let’s order a second, slightly smaller one and boom! our living room is done!”), it can get a bit tired.

Armchairs can act as a way to break up your space, add some texture/pattern and give your room a more conversational look.

Not sure what I’m getting at? Let’s use some examples!


Here we have two matching armchairs making a statement in this space. With the opportunity to add a small table in between, each person has their own area, but also a place to set their drink down. Having two armchairs instead of a love seat or a sofa gives it a more conversational atmosphere. Adding this set up in your home office or in your living space is a win-win, every time.

Want these chairs? Here are some similar ones:  Coleman Armchair


Sarah Sherman Samuel

Not so into the matchy-matchy? In this case, your best bet is to pick complementary but opposing armchairs. In the example above, we’ve got a wooden armchair alongside a bright upholstered piece. The warm tone of the wood matches the warm yellow and together they really pull the space together.

Want these chairs? Here are some similar ones:  Coleman Armchair, Caicos Armchair, Bowser Custom Chair, Devon Custom Chair


Finally,  let’s work on our conversation skills. I LOVE this look for a longer/larger living room that accommodates two conversation spaces or a small sitting room. With four armchairs you can set a clear circle and a clear intention for your space. I love circles because it encourages conversation and connection – which I think we could all do with a bit more of – with each person comfortably in their own seat.

Want these chairs? Here are some similar ones:  Devon Custom Chair, Groove Custom Armchair, Castello Armchair



And finally, we have the statement chair. Thankfully, we have a robust custom program to help you get the look you want. Adding custom pieces to your home completes the space and makes it truly your own. I love this custom chair because it’s vibrant, unique but also not TOO crazy. Paired with a textured solid pillow it feels elegant and pulled together while still being fun.

Want a custom chair? Browse our Custom Collection here.


Do you have armchairs in your living spaces? How did you use them? We’d love to hear about it!

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