Behind The Scenes

ANNOUNCEMENT: UB Partners with Local Artists to Beautify Toronto Streetscape


At Urban Barn we strongly believe in supporting the community and encouraging creativity. For instance, with the help of our loyal and valued customers last year, our Blanket the Country in Warmth initiative provided 13,000 blankets to those in need.

This year, we are furthering our commitment to the community by partnering with local artists through the City of Toronto’s Outside the Box program. This initiative aims to combat graffiti and vandalism by improving the visual appearance of Toronto’s urban landscape. By working with artists, vibrant, original pieces of artwork will help transform traffic signal boxes across the city. We hope our involvement in the program will give up-and-coming artists a larger platform to showcase their amazing work. We have commissioned ten artists to create custom works of art on city boxes, with canvas versions of their work on display in downtown Toronto store locations throughout the months of July and August.

Our long-term goal is to extend the initiative to other communities across Canada, bringing art to city streets from coast to coast, and showing our support of Canadian artists along the way. We will be sharing all of the artwork with your throughout the summer!

Stay tuned for more!


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