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Amanda Forrest’s Top 5 Trends for 2017

Our friend and nationally recognized expert, Amanda Forrest is predicting some exciting themes and ideas for next year. From the latest go-to-hue, to the new neutral that isn’t beige!

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In 2017, “Green is making its biggest comeback since the 70s”, says Amanda. There’s a hue for every occasion and a shade for every space and we just love to bring the outside, in.

Mixing up materials is always fun, and it’s going to be even bigger next year. The combination of warm wood tones with metal will create depth and interest to any room.

Amanda is getting us excited for mealtime with adding some personality to our dinnerware. “Mix and match…to create an eclectic look full or personality.”

Another trend for 2017 is going to be inspired by artisans from Portugal and South America. Geometric tile prints can be used on rugs, pillows and any other space needing a little character.

We’re happy to hear that next year’s new neutral colour won’t be beige. Navy blue will be the new household staple. For Amanda’s full article on her 2017 trends, using colour, texture and new materials, with great ideas on how to create contrast, layering and adding character, click here:

  1. I am excited to use green in my new home. My parents home has always had green in the home as my mother loves green. I will be excited to see what Urban Barn has to offer.

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