A Look Back: My Top 5 Furniture Picks For 2013

I was thinking over the weekend that these have to be some of best times yet for Urban Barn. Our stores look great, store staff is top-notch, and we have some of the coolest products in the home furnishings world! I think we are like a fine wine, and now is the perfect time indulge! Here are my 5 favorite UB products from 2013, in no particular order.


1. Bradley Leather Chair: To me this little guy embodies the perfect mix of materials and style that makes a great piece of furniture. He has a mid-century modern style, matched with beautiful rustic leather and a soft seat you just sink into. I feel like George Clooney sitting in this chair! “Scotch please


2. Chateau Dining Table: Extension tables are all the rage with our customers lately and this one is my fav, hands down. The grey rustic finish is spot on and the subtle detail of the trestle base is just cool. The Chateau Kitchen Island is a close runner up!

3. Stag Head: although I am the furniture buyer in the house, I have to give props to the accessory buyers. This one isn’t new for this year, but they have added some new options like a rhino and goat head. I bought two!


4.Lane Nesting Tables: I think this set is perfect for that Urban Barn look. The dark rustic wood matches the rustic metal perfectly and is such a flexible little set. We have come up with the perfect design to make this into a desk, but you have to wait until Spring 2014 for that one. Shhhhhh!


5. Lattice Bedding: Another great buy from accessories. I liked this set in grey and Dijon, but when I saw it in purple I couldn’t buy it fast enough. Alas, I understand that this might be a limited time buy, but we hope to bring it back again in the New Year. Glad I got mine! You?

Looking ahead to 2014 I expect things to just get better and better. As I put this list together I found myself having to remove some things because although they’ve been bought, they won’t be here until 2014, but trust me, it just keeps getting better.

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